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Rainforest Tours in Puerto Rico

Take a Look at All of Our Rainforest Tours in Puerto Rico!

We are a local tour provider in Puerto Rico. We specialize in private customized tours, where we can accommodate your needs and interests.

Because you are the only ones in the group, we can walk at your pace, and stay as long as you want in every area. If you want to hike to the peaks, we can do that. If you prefer to swim on the pristine waters of the rivers, we can also do that too. If you want to have a shorter walk, and take pictures, we can also do that. Let me know what you want and I’ll do my best to facilitate it.

Holistic Experience: 

The rain forest is more than a place to take amazing pictures. It is a place to feed your soul. If you are into that, I’ll be happy to support your journey.

For more than 20 years I have been a holistic healer. I am a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, the Holistic Institute, the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) and also a Pranic Healer, Reiki Master, Family Constellations facilitator among others. If you want to have a healing experience in the rain forest, let me know.

Feel free to book any of the tours on this list, or let me know if you want something different.

Private Tours of Old San Juan operates under Special Use Permit from the USDA Forest Service on the El Yunque National Forest, permit number YNF22061.