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El Yunque Rainforest Wellness Tour

El Yunque Private Tour

Quick Details

Private Group Up to 4 people
Per extra person Up to 12 total

Experience the natural wonders of El Yunque

The rain forest is a great place to relax, take pictures and learn. But is more than that. Walking in the jungle (with the right consciousness) can help you grow, connect, get inspired and become a better person.

As we walk into the forest, we connect with our wholeness. We feel like we are one with nature, with the Universe, with the divine, with God.

Most of our aches and pains come from feeling disconnected from the source. Going to the rain forest can be very healing.

This is a private / customized tour, so we can be very flexible. We will to our best to support your experience.

If you are an avid walker we can do a nice hike and visit up to 4 peaks in one day. Walking on the cloud forest is an amazing experience.
If you prefer to go slower, we can find a shorter hike that will also help you connect. We can meditate by a waterfall. We can pray or chant as we walk. This is a private tour they can be easily customized.

If the weather allows, we can find a river or a waterfall where we can swim and refresh ourselves. That would help us release the sore muscles. We can also find a nice place to eat in the area.
At the end of the day we’ll be tired, peaceful and relaxed.

Let me know if you have a special request and I’ll do my best to support you.

Private Tours of Old San Juan operates under Special Use Permit from the USDA Forest Service on the El Yunque National Forest, permit number YNF22061